Heller Family Practice, Edgewater – Owner 3/99- Present
Established and founded chiropractic health facility. Responsible for all operations within the business: financial control, management, hiring and training staff, marketing, and public relations, coordinating in-house and community lectures and workshops.

Treating physician: Type of clients include civil servants, professional athletes, dancers, choreographers, doctors and clergy

Community Outreach Programs

Whole Foods- Stress Evaluation Workshop Monthly
Raising Healthy Drug-free Families Continued Contributions
The Ritalin Controversy Continued Contributions
Human Potential Program Continued Contributions
Youth Consultation Services (YCS) Fundraising Events – Raised over $306,000 to date! Continued Contributions

Plus other Organizations and programs supported over the years:
Red Cross Fundraiser-The Family Practice, Annual Healthy Edgewater Holistic Health fair, Eleanor Van Gelder School Mentoring Program, Unilever Annual Health Fair, and the Edgewater Annual Health Fair

Media Coverage

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