Proper Sitting at a Computer

Did you know that sitting at a computer can lead to muscle ache and discomfort throughout the entire body?  Your back and spine can fall victim to the many symptoms that eventually lead to more serious problems down the road.

Here are some simple tips to try the next time you are sitting at your computer or laptop to help avoid many of the problems we see in the chiropractic world.

Sit all the way back in the chair and make sure your back is pressed against the backrest.  This helps provide lumbar support and creates less stress on the spine.

Keep your knees equal to, or lower than your hips with your feet supported. This posture creates less tension on lower back and thighs which in turn promotes good blood flow to the feet.

Make sure your mouse and keyboard are within close reach, this helps prevent the user from over reaching causing their back and hips to go out of alignment.

Get up and take a 1-2 minute break every 20-30 minutes and a 5 minute break every hour.  This helps the blood flow throughout the body and prevents the muscles from stiffening and cramping. Another benefit is for the eyes, focusing on objects in the distance helps relieve eye strain and fatigue.

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