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After Adjustments

Congratulations!!! You’ve just had your first adjustment. For the first time in your life you are functioning with reduced vertebral subluxations (pinched nerves) in your body.

What does that mean?

For one thing, it means you’re more balanced in your relationship with your parts, your head is more centered, your hips and shoulders are more level, your posture is more attractive and you are walking more comfortably as your joints have less stress upon them. You can expect to have more energy in your day-to-day life as your relationship with your parts continues to improve.

You may feel more awake as your brain has more blood flow and your vision may be sharper. That’s why children under chiropractic care have an increased attention span, improved concentration and are doing better in school.

When Will You Get Better?

If you’re like many people you’re here because of a health problem or particular condition. Often, many people feel a change in their symptoms within a day of their first adjustment : less pain, more movement, greater ease, better sleep, improved digestion, easier breathing, greater strength, improved relaxation, a lifting of depression and other signs of health restoration. However, chiropractic is not a treatment for a particular complaint but a system of stabilizing, strengthening and balancing your entire body. Since healing takes more time for some than others, not everyone feels better immediately. But with less subluxation (pinched nerves) in your body you are better than you were before. You are improving right now!

Athletes Know Are you an athlete who has heard that chiropractic can help give that winning edge? It’s true. You’ll notice your reaction time will improve, your hand-eye coordination will get better and your muscle coordination will be more efficient. Athletes are often exquisitely sensitive to their bodies and often know when they need an adjustment. People who meditate also are sensitive to their bodies and often know when a subluxation is present.

You’ll never know it all but no matter how many changes you notice, you’ll never know all the wonderful things adjustments do because the magic lies beneath the surface with literally millions of chemical reactions!… blood pressure, heart rate, brain function, hormone levels

At the moment you receive a chiropractic adjustment hundreds and thousands of body functions are affected. Your nerves are better able to send life’s messages, your brain and other internal organs begin to function more efficiently, old trapped energies are awakened and healing may begin on many levels.

What Else Will You Feel?

Everybody responds to chiropractic care in their own unique way. However, after over a hundred years of adjusting patients, chiropractic researchers and clinicians have noticed certain general post-adjustment side-effects or reactions. Among the most common are:

You may feel relaxed, more peaceful and aware that the old tension or stress you’ve been carrying for many years is beginning to dissolve. You may feel an immediate change in any symptoms you’ve had pain may disappear; you may be able to move, bend and turn more easily; you may be able to see better; your hearing may seem more acute; your posture may feel more balanced and you may feel more alive.

Your body/mind begins to balance.

Chiropractors have seen high blood pressure lowering, low blood pressure raising, hyperactive children calm down, hypoactive children have more energy, depression lifting, vision improving, concentration strengthening, digestion improving, sleep getting deeper it all depends on your unique needs.

Cleansings part of the healing process, some people may express cleansing symptoms; a release of mucus or toxins, a skin rash, a feeling of warmth, a fever, diarrhea or other similar symptoms. Sometimes old health problems briefly return ad you might think your spinal adjustment made you worse. It isn’t the case so don’t let these symptoms scare you they are wonderful things, ways your body/mind is completing the healing process and returning you to balance and health.

Chiropractic is expressive healthcare. A chiropractic adjustment permits you to let out what is blocking your healing incompletely healed injuries or toxic buildup can now come to the surface.

You are free.

Body/Mind Changes Old emotional stresses locked up in your body/mind may begin to release after your adjustment. Some of these releases can be quite dramatic: flashback of car accidents or traumas or a reliving of the emotions accompanying them. Sometimes spontaneous laughter or crying occurs as pent up emotional energies are suddenly released.

However, most people don’t emote strongly after a chiropractic adjustment in the office but may find an emotional release coming out in dreams that night or over the next few nights. Don’t be afraid of all this releasing its really a very good thing; painful toxic impressions are no longer interfering with your body function and these energies can go towards healing and help you live more fully in the present. If you don’t notice dramatic emotional or physical changes don’t worry, it doesn’t mean it didn’t take. Researchers and clinicians are still discovering all the things a chiropractic adjustment can do for you, both physically and emotionally. Let us know what comes up it is often of great importance in your healing journey towards longer life and greater health.

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